The Long Game is . . . End of Year Systems


Today we are talking about end-of-year systems. Yep, we’re going to look back so we can make things better moving forward.

Know your numbers.

First, let’s talk about numbers. For many of us, this is something that we gloss over or completely avoid.

Look back and take an honest evaluation. Is there a pattern? When you know your numbers, it’s much easier to adjust so your business serves you and your life.

I use Bench, an online accounting service. It’s made a huge impact. I hired them to go back through the previous year when I first hired them. You can see at a glance the state of all of your accounts and you can get reports.

Let’s talk revenue planning.

This is about more than what we made in a year. It’s about making your revenue goals AND the path to get there. They work in tandem. Hear how I do this in my business, and how you can use the same process.

It’s so much easier to achieve the small goals as you go instead of focusing on an overwhelming annual goal.

Plan your promotional calendar.

Yes, for the year! For many of us, this feels overwhelming. Like lots of big projects, the way to do it is to break it up into small sections. Remember, next year you will be able to use this as a game plan. It’s a cadence that you build with launches and promotions and other events.

Processes make a huge difference. Hear the top 3 things you must include when you layout the calendar for 2022.

Content planning for visibility.

Consistency is everything. Planning will help. Think about how you will draw in your audience. Here are the steps to follow, so you can begin your plan.

Here’s my quick and dirty method

1. Invest in making pillar content. If you need help, go back and listen to Episode 23 and Episode 24 when I talk about this in detail.

2. Create a process for repurposing your content. Episode 13 breaks this down for you.

3. Write out the main themes that relate to your business. These become your content pillars.

4. Write down 20 ideas that you can talk about related to your pillar themes.

5. Choose a topic for the week.

You have a content plan! Now all you need to do is execute. Allow your people to find you by sharing great info on a regular basis.

Final thoughts: Find the ONE place that works for you. Better to rock one avenue instead of dabbling in a few.

Think systems instead of tasks.

What one new system will you put in place at the end of this year? Let me know!

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