Why You Need Content Themes

THE LONG GAME Episode 23 Content Themes with Sandra Scaiano

Today, I’m talking about all things “themes.” I share how important it is to have content themes (also known as content pillars or buckets) in your business. Because if you truly want content that resonates with your audience and builds a relationship with them, then focusing on content themes is a must.

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • The four most important ways themes benefit you in your business
  • Themes as a key means to connect with your audience (and how you can tap into your audience to generate content)
  • Have you ever asked yourself the dreaded question, “What am going to talk about?” Here’s how to avoid it
  • Why a content plan is essential–yet needn’t be set in stone
  • My “restaurant menu” model for creating content themes that makes it so much easier
  • Listen as I riff on how to generate content for different industries (it can be this simple!)
  • How to personalize common themes in your industry as a way to differentiate your brand
  • How many overarching themes should you have? I boil this down, too
  • Being open to creating themes as a guide really does allow you to produce content so much more easily and lets you go deeper into the ideas you want to discuss. In turn, you’ll become much more relatable—and valuable—to your audience.

    Stay tuned for more around how to create content by working with your themes in next week’s episode!

    What I’m Loving Now:

    My phone number! It’s been with me for more than 20 years. Plus, it even allowed me to reconnect with a dear old friend! Now, that’s what I’d call real long-game thinking.

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