The Long Game Is… Bringing Your A-Game As We Age


Recently the internet made a big stink about Sarah Jessica Parker lunching with her friend Andy Cohen with *gasp* gray hair. Funny though, no mention of Andy’s silver locks!

Most of my clients are in their 40’s and 50’s. Same with my brand partners. The people I work with are also in this age group. They know their value and they are confident about their work.

Historically, women have been criticized for aging as if we could stop the clock. I’m all about bringing my A-game all the time and aging isn’t going to stop me.

Women in their 50’s living their life, wrinkles and all! Imagine.

It feels like we are being told we are not okay as we are. Nothing new about this. Men become distinguished and women are expected to disappear as they age. Not anymore!

I’ve had my own experience with this issue, and because of that, I’ve made intentional choices about the work I do and the women I work with. I am down with supporting every woman’s dream of growing a business and being visible.

From a young age, we’ve been programmed to stay young, fresh, baby-like. Advertising around this was prevalent when I was growing up. 

Aging is a natural part of the human experience. Getting older can feel good and it can be the time where we become our best selves. Hear the list of people with media access who are now speaking out about this. It’s impressive.

Did you know that women entrepreneurs in their 50’s are twice as likely to be successful as those in their 20s? The Forbes article shares data about why. It’s worth the read.

We have the power! Hear how you can create connections and use the options for visibility that we all have now.

Tell me who you are! Tell me your story. It’s all about the magic you bring!

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