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Purpose-Built Websites,
Digital Strategy, & Facebook Ads for
Entrepreneurs Single-Handedly
Taking On the World

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Purpose-built websites that showcase your brand & services and connect with your customers. Mobile responsive and built to last.

All the touch points of your business working together. I specialize in content programs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
and email marketing.

Marketing for where your customers are. Custom Facebook Ad strategy, targeting, and campaign management from list building to launches.

“My clients get personalized attention - something that is harder and harder to find in a world where many communicate very little and are onto the next.
I provide connection, a path, and collaboration.”


Partnering with entrepreneurs like you - helping you single-handedly take on the world - is my professional focus and personal reward of my business. Each client I work with has a smart, new idea, unique product or tailored service that is market-specific and valuable. Each one also has an amazing perspective and voice.
What I do is get you to the next level by developing your presence and customer connection online.

"I believe in the new economy."

One in which every entrepreneur has a ready marketplace online. You want to focus on your area of expertise and your passion, and I can help you by applying my knowledge of branding, marketing, and online support.
I’m the partner you need when it’s time to take the next step, but don’t want or need to hire a large firm.

It’s a brave new world and when you’re ready to move forward with your idea into a steady stream of commerce, followers, buyers and brand loyalists, I’m here.

- Sandra


“As a business owner, it can sometimes be a challenge to find ideal team members. Sandra Scaiano breaks the mold. Her dedication, wit and integrity sets her far above most of the talent I've met in her industry. She is clever, punctual, honest and jumps into every project with an enthusiasm that can only be duplicated by the business owner themselves. When I work with Sandra, there is never any doubt that she will deliver and exceed my expectations. I absolutely love working with her!” - Ally Loprete

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