The Long Game is… Visibility with Chef Rama

THE LONG GAME Podcast with Sandra Scaiano Visibility with Chef Rama Ginde

It feels like very few things worth pursuing for notoriety or financial gain are centered around family, nutrition, and a love for the community. Chef Rama has not only successfully pulled these things together, but she also did so on her terms with joy and a passion for what she’s creating in and out of the kitchen.

One of the things that draw me into Chef Rama’s world, besides taking her amazing online classes myself, is how adaptable she’s been through the pandemic. As an online instructor, in-home private chef, and successful entrepreneur, she really knows how to pivot well through change and uncertainty.

What we’re talking about:

  • Pursuing entrepreneurship as a private in-home chef

  • Collaborating in the most unexpected ways

  • Being consistent and playing the long game

  • Character building through mistakes and persistency

  • Being a Chef on CHOPPED on the Food Network

  • Showing up when no one is watching

  • Chef Rama’s 3 tips to get more collaboration opportunities:

    1. Meet through social media

    2. Meet in person (or zoom)

    3. Ask, ‘How can we work together?’

    “There’s nothing too big or too small to collaborate. Just do it because you have no clue where it’ll take you. You just have to be open-minded, that’s the bottom line.”

    Talking about the Long Game:

    Chef Rama really opens up and shares the challenges of pushing forward and going even when no one is watching. How many times have you started working on something, only to feel like, “what’s the point?” If you’re enjoying this entrepreneurial journey into business on your own, then you know the feeling of creating content and feeling like no one is even watching.

    “Keep pushing forward, keep showing up, and honestly perfection can be the enemy when it comes to video.”

    Rama has such great energy and outlook; she plays the long game extremely well! Some of the difficulties she discusses really connected for me, and I’m sure it will resonate with you too.

    Going live for 2 years with one person watching at times and really being committed and understanding that anything worth going for will take time and effort to build, is no easy feat. It’s so important to be reminded of this as you go through challenges. No one is motivated every day all day, but there is a guaranteed win if only you stay consistent and keep showing up.

    Another part we can all resonate with is going into business for the love of cooking, creating, or educating only to find out you also have to play the role of bookkeeper, tech support, cameraman, and set designer. Chef Rama shares how she’s pushed through those early days and continues pushing even now.

    The other part of her story to pay attention to is the value she places on community, people, and relationships. From having her mother join her in cooking videos to staying connected with people who started coming to her in the beginning when her classes were live and in person.

    People are an important part of the success you experience in the business. How you treat people and how you make them feel matters. Valuing these relationships is a great resource to have for the long game.

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