Visibility Update Number 1


Today I’m sharing my visibility report.

If you’ve been listening, you know that this is something that’s been on my radar the last few weeks. 

I’ve been focusing on the journey, staying in the moment. I’m focused on consistent actions instead of the result.

Hear how the people at my college reunion helped me realize that we must re-tell our story. We think people know who we are, what we do, and why we do it. But they don’t. I found out that people I’ve known for 20+ years wanted to hear all about it.

Next, my revived email list project. Find out how moving from inconsistent to consistent resulted in an opportunity. I know, crazy, right? Who knew that emailing regularly could bring in business? (Insert eye roll here because we ALL know this, I just wasn’t doing it!)

Hearing from people when they reply to my emails is reinforcing the importance of staying consistent AND paying attention to what they find most helpful.

I also left the house and went to an in-person event! One of the topics was “owning it”. I realized that growth comes from what I wasn’t owning. When I decided to own being visible with my emails, I set myself up for success.

How are you showing up?

What is your visibility strategy?

Sharing your story matters, and if you haven’t done that lately, this is the nudge to do it!

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