Brand Strategy: All The Touchpoints of Your
Business Working Together

Brand Strategy is the integration of all the touch points of your business.
When working together, they create a complete customer experience.

My 20 years of working with some of the biggest brands in fashion, financial services, consumer goods and pharma have taught me that attention to these brand touchpoints is attention to your audience. They will see you, they will connect with you, and they will become loyal to you through these methods.

From digital program creation and execution, to robust content and social media integration, to SEO and keyword strategy, I’ll create a plan that is tailored to your business as well as provide the support for you to see the plan through.

Because what good is a plan without the know how
to bring it to life?

I’ll share with you my systems to streamline your digital life and empower you to to understand the digital tools you are working with so that online isn’t just “too much” anymore.

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    Course Creation

    Want to turn what you do into an online course? I'll set you up from content to tech, PDFs to on-boarding. I'll handle all the pieces that go into launching a course and train you to take the reigns.

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    Content Marketing, Planning & Execution:

    I work with you to create a content strategy and calendar, including quarterly or biannual meetings to craft the plan and identify the best outlets for execution, be it traditional or social media, a YouTube channel, blog or other tactic. Together we map out exact content by looking at your business, creating meaningful content ideas as well as build revenue streams from these ideas. I share my best practices for putting the plan into motion so that your team can work effectively between meetings.

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    Audio - Podcasting:

    The future is here with audio and voice recognition. The world has conceived of new ways to consume this genre and it is growing as a resource. We'll get you set up with a podcast (public or private) so that you can share you wisdom and connect further with your audience and build upon it.

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    SEO Search Engine Optimization:

    Search Engine Optimization is utilizing best practices and keywords so that your website and/or articles show up when someone searches the internet. I review your industry in depth, research your competitors, and create a detailed plan tailored to your business. I then build upon your initial website optimization and provide training to your team or provide this support to you ongoing.

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    Funnels & Email Marketing:

    We will develop a creative strategy for email funnels and automations, work with your list to create segmented distribution lists, target those groups with specific, relevant messages, as well as include them in your overall mailings, so all email communications are targeted and raise your ROI.

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