I am. I’m a Mom working my business while I juggle my family and eek out some time for myself. We women are doers, and while my things do ebb and flow, there’s a lot of satisfaction and joy in the doing. People love to talk about work-life balance, but the definition of that is so personal. So, like you I strive for what feels right in my life and for my family.


Perhaps not like you, I had a life in corporate PR and Marketing for 20+ years creating strategies for brands in fashion, finance, consumer products, and more.


Then I had kids - back to back - and realized that my old way of life wasn’t really going to work for me anymore (I’m a realist). I began to learn how to code, babe on boob, so that I could build websites and apply all of my marketing experience. As I put myself out there, I further developed my execution skills and my notion of brand strategy began to broaden. And as the Universe does, it took care of me by delivering thought-provoking projects with inspiring clients for me to dive into, learn from, and further cultivate my craft.



The holistic approach I take with clients developed naturally, because a website or a strategic idea does not function on its own. All of the pieces of your tech and brand strategy (or marketing) work together.  To me, holistic means adding value by approaching clients not just as a project to execute, but as a business to set up for success now and further down the line. Holistic means my clients need branding AND web design, content development, social media expertise, execution, IT support, training and more.

I love hearing about people’s passions and giving them ideas to grow and expand.
It’s a talent of mine, because communication comes easily to me.

If you’re feeling a sense of overwhelm - of drowning in details, apps, learning curves, curating the tools you’ll need, setting goals for your business - that is simply a part of being an entrepreneur. I promise you that I understand this and it’s why I streamline and add process to our engagements, bringing a sense of calm to overcome the uncomfortable feeling of “always being behind.” I’ve taken a lot of time to develop my backend capabilities, to compliment my strategic thinking. From branding to tech, strategy to social media, I’m your extra bit of might, brain, strength and fun.


When we work together, I see myself as a part of your team. I work intimately with you to develop strategies, whether for your website, your overall marketing, or your sales messaging and goals. I love to think about the possibilities. You may not be ready for every idea at this point but I like to plant the seeds of new ideas and of next steps, so that you begin to think forward, move forward and let those ideas come to you. #forward. You’ll hear me repeat this.


If you’re ready for a partner who gets it, and ready to move forward, you’re in the right place.

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