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“My main problem is time.”     “I just don’t want to do it.”     “I’m thinking bigger picture now.”

This is what I hear from my clients and the situations that I help them to navigate. My approach to your brand is holistic – taking in all the parts that make up the whole. To me, there is no “I just need a…” You may have an immediate need for one thing, but as you peel away the layers and look forward, there is a certain way to manage that task that can set you up for success in the next step from there. And in this world of content and social media, all of the parts are intertwined. I make sure that you get the mileage out of what you are doing with the resources you have.

I see myself as a part of your team. I work intimately with you to develop strategies whether for your website, your marketing, or your sales. I love to think about the possibilities. You may not be ready for every idea at this point but I like to plant the seeds of ideas and of next steps, so that you begin to think forward and let those ideas come to you.
I streamline and add process to our engagements, bringing a sense of calm to overcome the uncomfortable feeling of “always being behind”. I’ve taken a lot of time to develop my backend capabilities, to compliment my strategic thinking. So, I’ve got a knack to devise the plan and the know-how to execute it.

I’m like you, a Mom working my business while I juggle my family and eek out some time for myself. I ‘get’ the need to adjust schedules and flow with setting your clients as your first priority. I work to take as much off of your plate for our projects as possible. But honestly, some things just require you to bring that magic!

I worked in corporate PR and Marketing for 20+ years (yes, I’m that old!). I created strategies for brands in Fashion, Finance, Consumer Products, and more. After having back to back kids, I realized the ‘old grind’ wasn’t really going to work for me anymore. (I’m a realist). I began to learn how to code, babe on boob, so that I could build websites and apply all of my marketing experience. As I put myself out there I developed my execution skills more and more and my notion of brand strategy began to broaden. The holistic approach began to be the only one that made sense – incorporating web design, content, social media, and more into my style. I love hearing about peoples passions and giving them ideas to grow and expand. I’d say its a talent of mine, because communication comes easy to me.

I’m super happy to be part of the revolution of defining a new idea of ‘Career’ for myself. You may hear a child scream when you call me out of the blue, but I’ll hear your child too and it is cool. I believe that it is possible to flourish and soar with your talents, your ideas, your creativity, and your hard work. I’m living my dream that way and I want to keep helping others do the same.

Let’s build a community and take this ride together!