Building A Stronger Foundation

The LONG GAME Episode 75 Building Your Foundation with Sandra Scaiano

Hitting a major milestone is such an incredible moment in anyone’s life. Milestones give you the energy and validation you need to keep moving forward. It makes the crazy journey in between worth it. When you get there I hope you remember to celebrate yourself!

As I celebrate one of my clients today for crushing her $500K milestone (yay!), I think it’s worth noting what worked for her. She didn’t have a big email list and didn’t do a huge Facebook ad spend, so how was she able to reach her milestone, and how does she make sure she can do it again?

Today I want to understand why knowing your why is so important and connected to building a strong personal and business foundation for yourself.

Do you have a strong business and personal foundation?

Building your foundation is about the long game. Having one in place as you reach more and more milestones is what allows you to continue growing along the way.

If you think about social media, sales, and marketing campaigns when you think about your business foundation, I’m sure you’re not alone. We put a lot of time, energy, and focus on these things, and yes they are all important to growing your business.

The success of everything you do in your business for your digital products and other parts comes down to the strength of your foundation.

What do you build your business and personal foundation on?

Foundations take time to build and they require a lot of attention to strengthen. Three areas to focus on that would give you a solid place to start are problem-solving, creating experiences, and self-care.

  1. Solving problems adds to your foundation because sorting through ideas, building systems, and correcting problems every day, lays the groundwork you need as you hit bigger milestones.
  1. Creating experiences is all about how you make people feel as they engage with you. What experience are you creating for yourself, your customers, and your team of support? This is worth building every aspect of your business and your personal life on.
  1. Self-care is the core of your foundation. The experience you have as a business owner matters greatly. It is so important to care for your own foundational needs as a whole person in order to create a great experience for your business to flourish.

Knowing your why and being anchored to that is the piece you can thread through all of these foundational layers.

Foundation Check-In

Ask yourself these questions to check in with yourself. Also, see if there are areas of your foundation that need a little more attention:

  • Is your product or service getting results?

  • Have you fix the things that you said you’re going to fix?

  • Did you implement a change since your last course launch?

  • Have you looked at your data, analyzed it, and made decisions from a data-informed perspective?
  • Making your personal foundation stronger allows you to create a stronger business foundation. The trick is you have to keep showing up and keep exploring what works. Be vulnerable enough to keep growing through unexpected changes.

    A quote I love from Brene Brown says, “vulnerability is showing up when you do not control the outcome.”

    That’s what reaching your next big milestone feels like. You never know where you are in proximity to finally reaching the milestone, but you know how to solve problems. Including how to create an experience worth staying for and how to personally grow through every challenge.

    Strong foundations lead to repeatable success, and this is my wish for all of you.