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THE LONG GAME Podcast with Sandra Scaiano Motivation with Lara Fastman

Why are we motivated to do some things and struggle to do others? That’s what we’re talking about today with my friend and (sometimes) therapist Lara Fastman.

She’s a licensed clinical social worker who engages in direct care to help people work through their obstacles. Using a mindset of patience and understanding, she helps people learn to relax and cope with their struggles; to calmly accept their own infallibility, and to trust in themselves.

Today we are going to find out everything we can about motivation.

How do people make changes?

Lara explains that motivation (a key factor in making a change) is the intersection of our thoughts and physical action. It’s not about making a big dramatic change. Motivation comes when you can make small incremental changes.

What one small step can you make today?

An impulsive decision (or action) usually ends with a dead end. It may give you immediate satisfaction but won’t be sustainable over the long term.

Where does motivation come from? Here are questions to help you get started:

  • What do you really want?

  • What gives you energy?

  • Can you point to the times when you feel fulfilled?

  • What can I offer, what am I here to do?

  • Are you working towards something that fits your emotional needs?

  • Is your life working for you?

  • Hear how this can affect (and improve) your overall motivation. Hint: happiness matters.

    Why does self-care matter?

    Lara explains that those who are not happy, are the most likely to turn to medication, alcohol, food, or other addictions to try and feel better. Sleeping well, taking care of yourself physically and emotionally will make you more likely to feel motivated.

    Action is the fuel to motivation.

    We’ve all had times when our brain is going over and over the things we want to change but we’re caught up in the emotions of it all. Action doesn’t always mean finding the absolution solution.

    Often, the first step is research, asking for help, or making time to look at things in a new way. That’s when we are most likely to take the next step. Having a network of friends who can support you helps. When we can see that others have done what we’re looking to do it can make all the difference.

    Think about what you can add to your life.

    Fear is often what keeps us from making changes. When we think about what we must “give up” fear takes over, so we decide not to do anything. Can you add a weekly meeting or class? This shift can remove fear and get you into action.

    Motivation is a verb, an action. It’s something you do, not something you feel.

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