Getting Through A Block

The LONG GAME Episode 73 Overcoming A Block with Sandra Scaiano

There are so many things that can block our way to success. We can have a creative block and not be making content, a video block and be scared to go live, or money block and not know what to charge for our product or services.

It doesn’t matter how long or short you have been in business; blocks will always pop up on the way. I see this with my clients, and today I’m sharing about one of my own blocks. My block is an email block, where I just can’t sit down and send out emails to my audience.

In today’s episode, I’ll share my journey and what it took me to get through this block to provide some tools to help you get through your blocks and move to the next step towards your success.

Tip: It’s all about your mindset, embrace the block and start building in that direction.

I’ve been inspired to write emails to my audience. Some of my podcast guests have talked about communication, but those conversations were not enough to get me over my block, even with the help of my VA. I let this slide for so long, thinking that the podcast alone was enough. It was all about mindset. That can keep us wrapped up in all sorts of behavior and avoidance.

Tip: Know your goals

Do some soul searching. Where are you comfortable and what makes you uncomfortable? Can you set concrete goals? If you have truly set a goal, overcoming your block is a must for you to achieve them.

It’s easy in life to head in a direction without any true goals set. Intentions are not goals; they lack the specificity needed in plan building and goal achievement.

Tip: Reach out and get some support

If you are in a program or on a membership site, bring your block up as part of the conversation. I received practical advice on how to move myself forward from a conversation with my coach. Part of the support is hearing that others may have experienced it but then what has worked for them.

Tip: One way to move forward is by putting goal on your calendar

Time blocking works if you’re committed to your goals. The appointments you make for yourself are as important as client appointments. Time blocking helps with accountability, and it is proof of your priorities. There is time to achieve your goals when you have what you’re working towards in mind.

Tip: Connect and get inspired to reach your goals

I love that space with my women business friends. I love that energy. It’s unique and helpful in so many ways. Surround yourself with people whose energy lifts you up. People who are doing things, connecting, and sharing. The energy you get from others also requires you to embody it; you’ve to take that energy and put it to use for your own situation to move forward.

If you have a block and you need some support, comment on the Instagram thread of this episode, and we, Long Gamers will be there to lift you up.

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