In a world where everyone is doing - its easy to get lost in a sea of comparison, secret tricks and promises of overnight success.

The Long Game is my approach to business - the actual day in and day out philosophy that you have to show up, you have to do the work, and there’s no quick fixes for long term success.

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How To Innovate In Your Business

By Sandra / October 20, 2023

As business owners who want to see our business grow, we want to find ways to innovate and set ourselves apart from the competition. Whether it’s in our messaging, our products, our processes, or our marketing, we’re constantly looking for ways to be different. Being innovative also positions us as an industry leader and as…

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Building A Stronger Foundation

By Sandra / October 1, 2021
The LONG GAME Episode 75 Building Your Foundation with Sandra Scaiano

Hitting a major milestone is such an incredible moment in anyone’s life. Milestones give you the energy and validation you need to keep moving forward. It makes the crazy journey in between worth it. When you get there I hope you remember to celebrate yourself! As I celebrate one of my clients today for crushing…

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