The Long Game is… Your WHY

The LONG GAME Episode 64 Your WHY with Sandra Scaiano

As I focus more on my personal business goals (such as the new course I’m developing), I’ve been thinking about the concept of “your why” more and more. It is important for so many reasons, and it’s critical to check in as things change, as you grow, or as the world around you changes.

In today’s episode, I examine your “why” concept and how it can serve you in your life and business.

Why is it important to know your WHY?

  • So you can stay in alignment with your goals

  • For clarity around decisions that you make

  • In order to stay motivated when things get tough, tired and tense (and they always do!)

  • Find your why and you’ll find your way.

    John Maxwell

    In the episode, I also discuss:

  • The questions to ask around (it’s not about discovering your ultimate reason for your existence)

  • A simple way to discover your exact “why”

  • What’s so important about determining it?

  • How finding it is actually a process of self-discovery and how it relates to your communications, your self-expression and more concrete components of your business

  • Why you should have a separate “why” for each project or course you create

  • Why naming it takes looking inward and can give you courage to overcome your fears

  • How knowing your “why” can make decisions easier

  • I also share my own list of current “whys” and invite you to revisit yours, and I share a quote by Kim McMillan that summarizes what I think is another way to define it.

    Defining your “why” is another form of self-love. It’s something I highly recommend for you.

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