The Long Game Is… Energetic Thinking

The LONG GAME Episode 63 Energetic Thinking with Sandra Scaiano

If you’re wondering what Energetic Thinking means, I share more in today’s episode. It’s when your thinking flows and gain insights based on random experiences. Also, from something you’ve seen or heard in real life. I like to spark inspiration from the news and see what large corporations do in terms of marketing, advertising, and content creation. You can glean some amazing insights that you can apply on a smaller scale to your own business. It’s super cool!

While the goal isn’t for small businesses to become huge corporations (though some of you will want to scale), the lessons you learn can be helpful at any size. 

I discuss: 

  • The importance of learning to think like a large corporation

  • Tapping into how the culture of a larger company can help you determine who you are as a company

  • The Magic of Tiny Business by Sharon Rowe, and her definition of how a tiny business is defined

  • Here are four examples of the things I’ve found interesting and useful in my own Energetic Thinking. Learn how they can be applied to your own business:

  • How NBC repurposed Today into a podcast, and the implications of this move

  • What this means for your own business and how to repurpose your content

  • My process in repurposing the content of this podcast

  • Clubhouse’s new partnerships with the NFL and the NHL: the benefits for audience and fans

  • How the partnership built on the strengths of Clubhouse (and what those strengths are)

  • How Clubhouse moved to creatively leverage their best asset, and how you can, too (hint: think about who supports your industry)

  • Why I just love what Barilla Pasta did with their innovative approach to helping you cook perfect pasta (I bet you won’t guess what it is!)

  • The importance of adding fun to your brand, or sharing lifestyle posts, and how it enhances the brand experience for your audience

  • The Container Store’s email that inspired me, and how you can use the same idea on a smaller level (I share two key points for you to make it work)

  • Something similar I did with one of my own clients

  • It’s so important to keep an eye out for creative approaches that you see in the world. Then thinking energetically about how you can use something similar for your brand. There are so many good ideas out there!

    Links from Today’s Episode:

    The Magic of Tiny Business by Sharon Rowe