In a world where everyone is doing - its easy to get lost in a sea of comparison, secret tricks and promises of overnight success.

The Long Game is my approach to business - the actual day in and day out philosophy that you have to show up, you have to do the work, and there’s no quick fixes for long term success.

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How To Start A Podcast – Part 2 Post-Product & Marketing

By Sandra / June 23, 2023

Launching a podcast and preparing your episodes for listeners is just the beginning. Once your podcast is live, there’s still post-production work and marketing so it can reach your audience. That’s what we’re discussing today with my dear friend, Sue Winkler. Sue is the co-owner of Soma Vayu Garden, a New Jersey-based yoga and cultural…

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The Long Game is… Energetic Thinking

By Sandra / August 12, 2022

Energetic Thinking is a term I use. I know it’s not the most common of phrases so I’m going to break it down a bit, share what it means and how to apply it in today’s episode. Energetic thinking is when your thinking flows and you gain insights based on seemingly random experiences or something you’ve…

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The Canva Recipe with Brenda Cadman

By Sandra / July 8, 2022

What I love most about talking to other entrepreneurs is the new insights and perspectives they bring. When others share their zone of genius and methods, we learn what works and we get a sneak peek at how someone else does things. Today’s guest is a great example of that. Brenda Cadman is joining me,…

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The Long Game Is… Energetic Thinking

By Sandra / July 9, 2021
The LONG GAME Episode 63 Energetic Thinking with Sandra Scaiano

If you’re wondering what Energetic Thinking means, I share more in today’s episode. It’s when your thinking flows and gain insights based on random experiences. Also, from something you’ve seen or heard in real life. I like to spark inspiration from the news and see what large corporations do in terms of marketing, advertising, and…

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Repurposing Your Best Content

By Sandra / May 28, 2021
The LONG GAME Episode 58 Repurposing Your Best Content with Sandra Scaiano

Following the pandemic in 1918 we had the roaring 20’s. What will follow this pandemic? A new kind of renaissance! Repurposing is the best way to reflect on where you’ve been and show the path ahead.  I’m taking my own advice and repurposing this episode about repurposing. I know, very meta. Enjoy!  Today’s episode is…

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