The Long Game is… Strategies For Clubhouse

The LONG GAME Episode 42 Strategies for Clubhouse with Sandra Scaiano

I’m so excited to share with you a new social app where you can present a new way to connect and learn new things from the experts. Join me and make the most of your time on Clubhouse with today’s episode.

Clubhouse is a very diverse platform.

For me, it is a knowledge-gathering audio platform that allows you to participate in a discussion with thousands of people, all of whom may have different ideas. For instance, one of my favorite rooms consists of well-known creators.

I’ll also discuss what I learned about expert strategies for how to be successful and what tools to utilize.

How can you get / where can you download the Clubhouse App?

The answer may surprise you! What I can say is that Clubhouse has its own features.

I also discussed:

  • Is Clubhouse worth your time?

  • How you can use Clubhouse in strategic ways

  • What benefits you can enjoy by being on this platform

  • What you can talk about in the platform

  • How you can optimize your time when you’re on the new platform

  • How to train the algorithm to achieve the outcome you want

  • Tips on how to drive traffic to your own social media channels

  • What can Clubhouse do for you?

    I share tips on how to improve your content strategy and Bio to make your profile stand out from the crowd. I also discuss why collaboration is a great place to start, and more–so be ready to take notes!

    People are eager to learn nowadays, but you have to be ready to provide them with the information that they need. In other words, be sure to let people know where to find you.

    Finally, I’m also curious about how Clubhouse will grow in the future. Will it end up offering competition to podcasts? What do you think?

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