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THE LONG GAME Podcast with Sandra Scaiano Social Summer Party with Holly Gillen

Today’s episode is about creativity and making videos! I’m talking about dipping my toes into video content with help from my good friend Holly G.

You are going to enjoy this plus you’ll find out how easy this method is to help you get started. If using video has been on your to-do list for months (like me) this episode is going to break it down for you.

I’m sharing my journey and yes, the things I’ve done to make creating video content easy. Holly is my first repeat guest, and she did not disappoint.

Holly explains the 5 getting started videos in the Social Summer Party:

(This can be done anytime!)

  • Leave a message for a biz bestie – keep it genuine and under a minute. What a fun way to reach out to people you know.

  • Past (or current client) check in. Report with updates, share a new offer, or let them know you’ve been thinking about them.

  • Leave a message for a potential new client. Maybe it’s someone you want to work with or someone you met in a group. Share a freebie, invite them to a call; whatever makes sense for you.

  • Reach out to an influencer. Maybe you’ve been hearing their podcast (hint hint) or perhaps you’ve read their book or followed them for a long time. Every single person (even those with big followings) appreciate being acknowledged.

  • Someone new! Maybe a new person who joined your email list (how impressed would they be?) or someone that’s in your Facebook group. Reach out and say hello, compliment a post they shared, or the way they’ve showed up.

  • Make your own rules! You know much I love that. Totally a long game philosophy. I can do this my way, on my terms.

    This strategy will help you create videos that you share via messenger, Instagram DM, or Twitter DM’s. It’s about being social on social with video.

    These don’t have to belong. Listen as Holly shares a message she could send to a potential new client. It’s only 9 seconds long! Anyone can do that.

    Think how nice it will be to do this and have tiny wins every single day! Not to mention the impact on your business, and the good karma you share!

    Holly also shared her 7 VidCo-factor tips to help us get started:

  • Be genuine.

  • Be helpful.

  • Pay attention.

  • Look for common connections.

  • Be consistent. Long Game lovers know this one!

  • Make friends.

  • Be memorable.

  • Holly has the From Start to Star program where you create 15 videos (one each day) with Holly’s guidance (and feedback) in her private group. Get support in the community. This is run quarterly – so check her website for the next round.

    She also has a year-long mentorship/mastermind to help you build the foundations for your video strategy. Holly helps you with every aspect. You’ll get 1:1 time with her plus other calls each month. This is by application to make sure you are a good fit for the group and that Holly and the community are a good fit.

    Share your video wins with me on Instagram. Let me know your ideas – and if you loved this you can always let Holly and I know with your video!

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