What Course Creators Are Telling Me


I’ve been having conversations with digital course creators and membership site owners. They’ve shared what’s going on for them and what’s next. Digital courses are business streams, not just revenue streams. It can be the foundation of your business.

That’s what today’s episode covers. How to understand what’s working now and the mindset around all of it.

Here’s what I’m hearing:

  • People want to make sales in their sleep. Nothing new here, except the people who are doing well with digital courses are not sitting back and doing nothing. They are engaged with their audience. There is nothing passive about passive income.

  • Too many choices overload the consumer. We have all experienced this when we’ve been the consumer. Too many options, choices and price points make us click away. Hear how the jam experiment worked and the significant difference in sales. Don’t overcomplicate things. Create a journey for your client.

  • Do what feels right for you. Many course creators try emulating the strategies and tactics from courses they’ve taken. There may be some good insights there, but it’s only helpful if it’s 100% you. Be like Bill Murray! You will love hearing how he’s done things his own way for years.

  • Do you see yourself in any of these examples? We often want to make things more difficult or get stuck when we think there is only one right way.

    My advice: slow down. Take a step back and map out your customer journey the way you WANT it to be.

    Need help? Book a call and get outside perspective. We can all benefit from that now and then!