Method to Digital Course


Before we jump into this episode, I want to say thank you for all the nice feedback. It’s so great to hear from you directly and I’m so grateful you are here.

Today’s show is about one of my favorite topics. Digital courses. You know how much I love this as part of a business model.

All kinds of businesses can support an online course – no matter your area of expertise. If sharing your knowledge with others is part of what you do, or if you want it to be then this episode is for you!

It all starts with knowing what problem you solve and how you communicate that to your audience.

Learning leads to transformation. We know that it works but how do you get from caterpillar to butterfly?

How do I turn what I do into a course that leads to transformation?

The number one thing to know is a course allows you to go from one-to-one work to one-to-many. It allows you to reach and help more people while scaling your business. That is the ripple effect you can create.

Here are the things you’ll want to know before jumping into course creation.

  • What is the result that you deliver?

  • How much information do you need to provide to get them there? (Get my tip to figure this out for your offer)

  • What involvement (from you) is needed to create a positive result for your participants? This can make (or break) a successful course.

  • How can you bring your magic to the course videos? Get my killer question that will help you get this part right.

  • What is your process? How do you get clients from A to Z? Is it the same for everyone? Will you need multiple levels?

  • A digital course can generate other opportunities, some you haven’t even considered. Bringing your expertise to new audiences can be another avenue for growth in your business.

    Be open to the possibilities. Often, we pull back if we think teaching others our “secrets” might mean less business for us later. Or, we worry that someone else might copy us.

    In Episode 38, Alexandra and I talk about this money-mindset issue. Listen to it again if this is what is stopping you from launching a digital course.

    Lastly, a digital course doesn’t have to be your entire business or maybe it’s exactly the transition you want to make. Start with one course, with one focus and one message.

    You’ll find out where people want more and begin to scale. Have questions? Wondering if it’s time for your digital course? DM me on Instagram or book a call. I’d love to know what kind, of course, you’d like to create.

    The Money Amplifier Effect with Alexandra Taketa