The Story Behind the Story – Vacation Edition

The LONG GAME Episode 70 The Story Behind The Story with Sandra Scaiano

It’s the Summer vacation edition! After almost 2 years of not going anywhere, we took time off and went to Maine. I loved taking a break from work. Also, I still noticed business-related things on the trip and I’m sharing those with you on this episode.

I found inspiration in everything. The sea air, the rocks, the eagles, and of course, the crows. (I like to think of them as my crows!) We had a great time away. I had my laptop but didn’t open it once!

Podcast listener Beth gave me some recommendations for the area. We took her advice and appreciated it. The places she shared would not have popped up on my radar.


Ask for recommendations, even in an area that’s familiar. It’s a great way to learn about and try new things.

While at the water park, I got inspired by (drum roll) lockers. Yep. Think of it. A one-time expense to install and they rent them over and over and over. My brain started working. It was a great add-on offer.


Can you create something once and sell it over and over especially as an add-on? Maybe a membership?

The fair brought insights too. Pop-culture deep dive inspired by the demolition derby was a blast. We also noticed a fashion trend that was much more prevalent here than where we live.


You don’t need the whole world, capture the community who’s interested (or already following) the trends you support.

I’m going to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge! Not really but I discovered a cool story when investigating a historic bridge in Maine built by the same company that built the famous NY landmark. This story is where the phrase “behind every man is a strong woman” comes from!


Where can you find the hidden gem of an idea or a story? Do you have one of your own?

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