The LONG GAME is… Repurposing


Today’s episode is about one of my favorite topics. Repurposing content. It’s not just sharing the same thing everywhere.

The Long Game style is
making the most of what you make.

When you create great content you still have to share it. To get the most return on your efforts, use this creation/repurposing strategy outlined on the podcast.

Here are the highlights of what I break down in more detail in this episode. Be ready to take notes!

  • Create pillar content. This is your brand-building information.
  • Post the related image.
  • Create an IG story.
  • Pull a quote (or 2 or 3) and share it in a post.
  • Create a live video or story that shows the how-to aspect of your post.
  • Take of photo related to your post and share with your audience.
  • Create a post around something you referenced in the content; a book, or a resource that was mentioned.
  • Tag the author or creator of the resource.
  • Use appropriate hashtags on all posts.
  • Share a vintage photo or memory when appropriate to the post.
  • Teach something related to the post.
  • Post on Facebook
  • Do a Facebook Story
  • Share on Pinterest.
  • Do a live video that’s related to your post.
  • Create spin-off content. This is so easy and it allows you to dive further into the communities where you share.

You won’t need all of these for each piece of pillar content. Pick one or two platforms where your clients are most active and think about how you can tailor posts just for them. I encourage you to make specific content for the specific platform for the best results.

Repurposing is a creativity exercise!

Brainstorm ideas and have fun with them. Remember, not everyone finds us at the same time. Share info from a few weeks ago so new followers will see it.

Bonus: Be sure to get the list-building ideas related to repurposing!

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