The LONG GAME is… Creating Content

THE LONG GAME Episode 24 Creating Content with Sandra Scaiano

Did you listen to last week’s episode? In it, I talked about the different ways to identify content themes and the many uses of themes. Today, I’ll show you how to take those themes and go further into planning a system that grows out of them.

I break it all down in the following ways:   

  • Starting with themes as a way to simplify the process of content creation and then dive deeper into those concepts.
  • A simple mapping process that you can use for any type of content, from blog to social media to videos and podcasts.
  • Using the acronym CARP, you can easily plot out your content and allow for more variation and diversity at the same time.
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the possibilities on social media? I show you the first steps to begin so you avoid the overwhelm.
  • Listen as I generate a full sample week of content in just a few minutes using this method.
  • How to keep your revenue goals and offers in mind as plan, so they can benefit from your content.
  • The importance of weaving your own story and your “why” into what you create.
  • As you work through your content generation, always remember that you have the flexibility to evolve and change over time. What I talked about today is just the starting point, one that will infuse a little magic into your business and create a further connection with, and engagement from, your audience.

    Jim Kwik, Coach and Author

    Why You Need Content Themes, Episode 23

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