The LONG GAME is… Courses for Every Industry

THE LONG GAME Episode 32 Courses for Every Industry with Sandra Scaiano

This topic is something that comes up nearly every day with clients. As I mentioned in Episode 30, the pandemic and related shifts in the business world have created opportunities in the digital space. If you’ve never considered a course, or if you’ve only operated offline, this episode is for you.

Video learning is nothing new. PBS, HGTV, and The Food Network made digital learning routine. It’s not just for home DIY projects anymore.

Methods for Digital Learning/Teaching:

  • Video learning – not just YouTube but comprehensive information with context and how-to info
  • TikTok – Yes, this popular social media platform boasts online how-to videos
  • Audio content like my podcast – you can listen and learn
  • Here are some examples:

  • Troubleshoot Your Houseplants
  • The Real Deal Weight Loss Course
  • How to Hire Your Perfect Match VA
  • Her Template Shop
  • Video Made Easy
  • RuPaul Teaches Self-Expression and Authenticity
  • You can see that you can teach any subject using digital resources. There’s an audience for the subject you know well, the one (maybe more) thing you can teach that’s going to be helpful to others.

    Don’t be afraid to get specific. Have something just for moms? How about a course for dog-owners or for teen athletes, or people who write poems; there’s literally no limit.

    Listen for the 6 ways you can tap into your genius for course ideas. I promise you’ll be inspired by one (or more) of them.

    Tip: Bite-sized courses that are really specific are winners! It goes back to solving a problem.

    Have I got you thinking? I hope so because you can do this!

    Do some homework in your area and find out the perfect topic for you. Let this podcast episode be a jumping-off point. Keep a list of ideas because we’re going to talk about how to get things going next!

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