After a series of both personal and career twists and turns throughout her life, today’s very special guest, Pat Roque experienced a seismic shift in her life when her corporate career came to an abrupt end with a single phone call. Eventually, a unique gift for her 50th birthday was the catalyst for a new direction in her life, creating the defining moment that allowed her to shift to her new direction as a Career Transformation Coach.

Today, Pat helps people define their strengths and determine their own best direction in business and life.  She joins me to talk about her unique approach to a career change.

Pat shares from her own story:  

  • The importance of reaching out to friends for help (or accepting help from those who offer).

  • How to make use of the “now what?” moment that can feel so scary—and how Pat used personal experience and story to become inspired for her next endeavor

  • Why getting input from other people is not only desirable but essential if you want to discover your true talents.

  • The importance of awareness—noticing things in your life that can be an inspiration to your life and brand

  • Part of how Pat helps to connect the dots between someone’s genius and what they can do on the other side, get unstuck, and move forward is with a process she calls Rocking Your Strength.

    There are four key pillars to rocking your strength:

  • Clarity: find clarity around what you are good at and what matters most to you, including “right-sizing” your career;
  • Confidence in your competence: this involves identifying your talents and accomplishments, and linking them to what you want;
  • Communication: How to communicate with your audience so you can shine in your industry and become a go-to resource, even beyond your business; and
  • Connections: Using courage to leverage your connections and articulate the value of what you do. Being flexible enough to shift your message when necessary and leave yourself open to new opportunities.

  • Another key concept is “if not you, then who?” which can help you to make meaningful and non-salesy connections with people as you put yourself out there on a daily basis.

    Pat sums up her unique approach in her statement, “You deserve to get paid well, doing what you love, in your zone of genius.”

    Remember that your genius has the most power when you use it to make an impact over time—which is definitely part of how you can play the long game.

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