THE LONG GAME is… Communicating Updates

THE LONG GAME Episode 6 Communicating Updates with Sandra Scaiano

Your website is not a static set-it-and-forget-it resource. It’s never been more important to provide up-to-date information for your audience. Here are some of the things I am helping my clients update based on COVID and re-opening processes.

  • Status of your business (open, business as usual, reduced hours)
  • Safety protocols (appointment only, cleaning measures, masks)
  • Services providers updates and changes (video only, in person with PPE, no restrictions)

Don’t make your clients (or prospects) hunt for the info. Use your site real estate well. A big banner works (I’m seeing lots of these) and it’s possible to make it look nice if you don’t want it to be in neon yellow!

Use the no-touch-pizza strategy. I don’t buy from a pizza chain (our area of Jersey has amazing options we like better) but the no-touch pizza info I see addressed in commercials is really smart.

How can you use that long game strategy in your business?

Remember, your home page may not be where people land first. Same with social media pages. Keep things up to date, using multiple areas of your brand information.

Delegate and use your resources.

I break down 3 Long Game strategies you can make your own including how to get Google search to help you.

Key: When you see a post (or specific content) that’s getting traffic, it’s an indicator to do more of that. Keep sharing what your audience is searching for so they (keep) find you!

What I’m Loving Now: Bill Withers. My new favorite soundtrack.

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