THE LONG GAME is… Owning your Story with April Pertuis


You meet the nicest people online and my friend April Pertuis is one of the best. She joined me on the podcast to talk about all things story. She’s an expert and not only did she share her personal story (which is super interesting) she broke down how we can all become great storytellers.

This is a great conversation and we cover a ton of how-to info including:

  • Why trust is the foundation of storytelling.

  • Don’t be afraid to look back and reflect on your journey.

  • We all tend to diminish our story, our journey, and what we’ve accomplished.

  • Owning your story is everything. If we don’t, then our story owns us.

  • What if your story is also part of someone else’s story? April shows us how to do this in a way that’s relevant without infringing on other’s privacy. (So important!)

  • You don’t have to reveal family (or personal) secrets to share your story. April is so good at this. She gave a great example that we can all use.

  • How do you pick your story? What should you be sharing? April breaks this down for us – so helpful!
  • April and I discuss one of my favorite topics; knowing your audience! It’s related to knowing your brand voice as well. You will love how easy she makes this. I agree with her that sometimes it’s okay to break the grammar and copywriting “rules” when storytelling. You have to do it your way!

    That’s a Long Game Strategy!

  • Dive into the emotion of the story. Put your focus there instead of on every tiny detail.

  • Remember the rule of 3 (this is so helpful!)

  • We are hard-wired to recall stories. Find out how it can make you unforgettable.

  • April shared her testimonial formula. This is incredibly helpful. I encourage you to make it your own!

  • No surprise, April shares how consistency makes it easy to tell stories. You’ll get more opportunities to weave in parts of your story that will resonate with your audience.

  • Use the valuable information that April shared in this episode. Sharing your story makes it easy to create true connections with your audience. What story will you share?