THE LONG GAME is… Activism thru Art

THE LONG GAME Episode 8 Activism thru Art with Sandra Scaiano

This episode was inspired by the recent events we’ve all seen in our own towns and across the country. I want to share one way to help.  

Why does art matter?  

Art dealer David Zwirner wrote an essay for the New York Times titled: 

 Art Is How We Justify Our Existence. Our technologies are tools. But our creative works carry the wisdom of the world.  

In college, I took several art classes including semiotics. That’s the study of signs and symbols as a part of communications. It was the foundation for the branding work I did in my corporate job and for my private clients today.

I worked on assignments project-runway style (way before that was a thing) and my peers and my professors then critiqued me. It’s one of the ways I learned how to use art and design to convey a message. 

Artists who have influenced how we communicate today: 

  • Barbara Kruger – She used the block letters we see on Instagram today.

  • Cindy Sherman – Black and white photo of her in character – the selfie before that was even thought of

  • Judy Chicago – Creator of The Dinner Party; thought of as the first major feminist installation.

  • Art comes from what we are most connected to. What we are living and our current experience.  

    Art is essential to activism. I know from my own exhibition that when my peers and advisors saw my work, it was one of the first times I truly felt seen and heard. 

    We are here and we’ve had enough.

    Kimberly Drew

    What portion of your journey do you put on social media? That’s where modern art often starts today. It’s definitely where it is seen and shared and consumed.

    How do you want to communicate?

    Whose messages do you want to share?

    As a business owner and online marketer, you have a platform and a voice. How do you choose to use it?

    I’ve got 4 great examples that you will find inspiring. I hope that they also make you think about another perspective.

    I also encourage you to donate to the YWCA of Northern New Jersey (or the organization in your area) and I’ll match that with a donation of my own.

    Change starts with all of us.

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