THE LONG GAME is… Finding Your Brand Voice

THE LONG GAME Episode 4 Finding Your Brand Voice with Sandra Scaiano

Do you have trouble figuring out how to say things in a way that resonates with your audience? This episode is for you.

What is your brand voice?

I break it down with examples so you can see exactly how it flows through everything you see and hear. It’s much more than colors and logos.

How do you figure it out?

It’s easy for some, but most of us need research to understand how to best connect with our audience. I’m sharing 2 different examples. We had to find the right way for each so their audience gets it.  

Finding your brand voice is a process.

It develops over time. It takes 2 key things. Listening and remembering. Let your thoughts flow and be authentic. How would you explain what you do to a good friend? Have the conversation and then listen.

Remember those words. They are powerful and they matter.

Remember who you are talking to.

When you intimately know your audience, you can create information that will draw clients to you. The right people will find you and they’ll be ready to connect because they’ll feel like you are talking directly to them.

What I’m loving now.

Throwback time! We’ve been having fun with the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle toy.

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