Facebook Ads with Expert Laura Ball

The LONG GAME Episode 3 with Sandra Scaiano Love Them or Hate them Facebook Ads are a Long Game Strategy with Laura Ball

Laura Ball is a friend and a Facebook ads expert. We discuss why her Long Game approach involved specializing in the ads strategy and why I went in another direction.

The conversation covers so much good info! I know you’ll want to take notes because Laura shares some great strategies for successful ad campaigns.

Here’s just a few of the topics we covered:

  • Why you must work in your business to develop expertise.

  • Find out why only working with launches has helped Laura keep things fresh.

  • Hear how her client netted 2.3 million dollars in a recent launch. Hint: It involves doing lots of things well.

  • Why nurturing leads is one small part of a successful launch strategy.

  • Basics like knowing your ideal audience makes your ads powerful.

  • Laura explains how to target well with your ads.

  • Nurturing over time grows the relationship before you’re selling or launching.

  • Don’t miss the conversation about planning. People need to plan before the 3-month time frame you run Facebook ads. Laura walks through her client’s strategy in detail. (This is so valuable you’ll want to take notes!)

    Practice and testing help. Being proactive will help you understand what your audience wants and what they’ll respond to.

    Tip: For list-building, the best thing to ask is “what does my target audience need from me right now?” Give them that. Short, sweet, and actionable!

    Long Game Tactic: Laura shares the Long Game strategy that she uses in her own business.

    Links from Today’s Episode:

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