Blind Business Date


This week I met a fellow woman business owner for coffee. Having a community and connections is something I work to cultivate in my life and business. My community enriches me and inspires me.

In the cafe, we talked about our year, what we accomplished & what still didn’t get done, and the things we want to focus on for next year. We shared resources and ideas. We shared laughs and talked about our kids.

A few years ago I received an email newsletter that I liked the vibe of. I read the whole email scrolling all the way to the bottom. In the address area, I noticed that the town next to mine was listed. I had recently moved to the suburbs of Brooklyn. It was a very lonely time for me picking up and moving from the local friends I had made. I missed my women friends and with small children couldn’t just drive an hour for a night out all the time.

So I clicked the link in the email to the website, found the Contact page, and sent a note.

I was reading your newsletter and saw your address on the bottom of the page.

I live in the next town and have my own business too, doing web design.

Moved from Brooklyn recently and I am looking to expand my in-person network. Want to meet for coffee sometime to connect?


That was almost four years ago! And here we sit still connecting. I love that this woman took a chance on meeting someone new, me. It was kinda like a blind business date. I could have been crazy, but I’m sure she checked out my website and my social profiles. Through the years we have helped each other, had drinks with each other, and built a community out of our little meeting. It was so good to see you Holly G.

Do you reach out?
Do you read the address where the email is coming from?

I’ll not only reach out to someone local, but I also reach out to people online too. With Zoom, you can stay connected without being on the same coast! I’m part of a group of women who found each other in a Facebook group. We splintered off and created a mastermind group. We met every two weeks for a year. And we’ve met in person a few times too.

There is power in these connections. There is camaraderie.

And most of all these connections expand, they build. We introduce each other to our friends and recommend each other to clients because we know that person’s capabilities and their essence.

Here’s the thing though, these friendships developed from wanting connection not from wanting ‘something’. There was no ‘pick your brain’ only open brain sharing. Keep that in mind when you try this out. I just want to know someone, want to share, and want to be a part of a community.

Who will you ask out?

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