Pinterest Traffic Building with Penney Fox

The LONG GAME Episode 29 with Sandra Scaiano Pinterest Traffic Building with Penney Fox

Pinterest is so much more than boards with pretty pictures! Today Pinterest expert Penney Fox talks about how to use the platform as a key tool to drive traffic to your website and increase your customer base. Penney has been a Pinterest expert since 2011 and is an amazing source of information (I know because we’ve been working together!).

Some of the areas we cover in today’s episode include:

Pinterest for selling:

  • What everyone should know: It is NOT a social media channel! It’s actually a search engine and should be approached as such. Your use of the platform can affect your ranking on Google and how often you show up in Google searches.
  • Which industries are best suited to this platform according to Penney (not what you might think!) and how search terms differ depending on who’s searching and how they use images.
  • Got a local business? Pinterest can help with your online traffic, too (it has to do with a call to action on your pins).
  • How to use Pinterest as a funnel that encourages readers to engage with you, leading to a larger email list and, and ultimately increases sales.
  • Is Pinterest oversaturated? Penney’s perspective (and why that is actually the wrong question).
  • Optimizing pins to help you find your ideal audience online.
  • All things “design” on Pinterest:

  • Why the look of your pins is so important, and what to consider.
  • How to choose fonts, colors, and even the specific subject matter in each pin.
  • What to avoid when it comes to design (and a secret method to determine if your pins will really work).
  • It’s not just about the visuals: Pinterest can also be used to share your brand story (and how to do that).
  • Plus our discussion about the pin’s content:

  • The importance of keywords: Penney reveals one of Pinterest’s very best tools to help you determine your keywords and explains why this should be the very first thing you go to before you decide on which keywords to use.
  • The top 2 places you should add your keywords in your pins and how to use them.
  • Boards on Pinterest: how many boards should you have? And how narrowly should you niche down with them? Penney offers some key strategies.
  • What is “fresh content”? Why it’s important—and how to use it.
  • “Backdoor” method to show up on a Google search using a Pinterest board.
  • The value of analytics and how to use the ones the platform supplies.
  • Repurposing content without doing a lot more work.
  • As you can see, Pinterest is really a critical tool that offers a ton of value if you know how to use it. If you’re not yet optimizing your presence on this platform, this is a great time to start. And Penney’s program can help.  

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