The LONG GAME is… Universal Concepts

THE LONG GAME Episode 28 Universal Concepts with Sandra Scaiano

Whether your business relates to wellness, coaching, real estate, or something else, there are universal threads that run through all businesses. Today, I talk about what these threads are and how you can take action to tap into the information. Also the value you’ll find in other businesses, whether or not they are from within your own industry.

Universal Principles in Business:

  • Making connections with other business owners: whether in-person (my preferred method) or Zoom, connecting with others is the best way to learn from people and find out what processes and methods work for them (and possibly for you, too).
  • Building relationships with clients and facilitating transformation: whatever your methods to draw information from your clients, every business benefits by digging deeper to get to the root problems that brought clients to you in the first place.
  • Archetypes: When it comes to branding your business and your brand story, there really are only 12 basic character types that are repeated in every industry.
  • Mindset: Whether you’re aware of it or not, you project an identity with your language), and it determines how powerfully your brand appears to your audience.
  • Get proactive! If you want to find others who can provide examples of methods and processes that you can ultimately apply to your own business.

    Here are five steps to take:

    1. Pay attention. Notice whose processes you are already part of as a customer, and extrapolate to your own business.

    2. Seek out leaders in other industries. A great place to start: TEDx talks. You’ll expose yourself to experiences outside your industry.

    3. Find networking opportunities. Whether in-person or online, these can be invaluable.

    4. Browse through iTunes to find podcasts that are outside your realm. You’ll be surprised how much applies to your business, too.

    5. Reach out. When someone’s message resonates with you, make the connection to tell them what inspired you.

    These steps will help you go deeper with others. This way, you can learn from all the experts you encounter whether or not they’re from the same business area as you.

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