10 Things to Know About Keywords

THE LONG GAME Episode 26 10 Things to Know About Keywords with Sandra Scaiano

This topic is near and dear to me. I know it’s not sexy, but it’s so important I knew I had to have an episode about keywords.

Here’s why it’s important. Keyword research leads to being found online. Which is the entire point of having a website and online presence. I know there is a lot of resistance around this because it feels overwhelming.

After this episode, you’ll understand why they matter and where to start.

Let’s get clear on what we’re talking about. Keywords and/or keyword phrases are what people use to search for information and resources online.

You have to know what your clients use to look for you. If you use one term and they use another, you won’t see the results. I share an example that will make this super clear for you. Get into the head of your audience so you know how they search.

Listen to the 4 key questions that will get you started. It’s easier than you think!

It requires a bit of listening, paying attention, and some detective work. The more targeted you can be, the better the traffic in quantity and in quality.

Once you’ve identified your keywords use them well. It’s the best way to share with your current audience and it will help new people find you.

I breakdown:

  • How to use location when relevant
  • Why you want to put these in your titles
  • Using keywords in your content (blog post, home page, etc.)
  • Instagram tips using your keywords
  • Hashtags and keywords
  • Pinterest as a visual search engine
  • Why paying attention to suggestions (during a search) will help
  • Youtube as a search engine – how to use your keywords here
  • How to use file names to boost your videos
  • Tagging strategy explained
  • If you created your site a while ago, it’s a good idea to update your keyword strategy. Things change and how your clients search for you can change too.