Owning Your Access To Your Digital World

The LONG GAME Episode 47 Owning Your Access To Your Digital World with Sandra Scaiano

Having a recognizable brand for your business is just as important as having a website. For me, building a website is fun! Today, I’ll share how it can be fun for you, too, and I’ll also cover the important considerations you need in order for your website to go live.

Own it!

I’m also going to explain the importance of knowing how to control digital access to your system before you delegate that function to other people. This includes your website, your domain name, email, and social media platforms. It will surely save you stress tomorrow!

Here’s what I discussed in this episode:

  • What do you need to set up a website?

  • Benefits of having access to the back end of your website.

  • The struggles you’ll face if you’re not aware of your business log ins.

  • What is a domain registrar, and where do you find one?

  • Tips to protect your business (This is super helpful!)

  • The password manager I recommend.

  • Best practices: why using a third-party host is essential.

  • Why you need to know your hosting company

  • The difference between a branded email address and a personal email address.

  • Why it’s important to add another admin to your account.

  • This is you taking control

    You need to take action now before it’s too late! I don’t want you to have to start all over again just because of problems logging in to your accounts. Today I shared everything I’ve learned about digital access to your website—so get ready to take notes! And don’t hesitate to send me an email if you need help. I’m always happy to assist you.