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The LONG GAME Episode 46 with Sandra Scaiano Women On the Journey With You with Sarah Walton

It was so much fun (and so easy) to connect with long-time friends, or even meet new ones, in the past. Admittedly, a lot has changed in the past year, and 2020 really challenged us when it came to staying connected without seeing each other physically. That’s why I invited a good friend of mine, Sarah Walton, to the podcast. She and I discuss the struggles we encountered in our journey and the long game plan to stay connected, even during a pandemic.

It is our responsibility to tell the truth.

Sarah explains that it is totally normal to still get nervous during talks with others, whether online or not. She also explains the shifts she made this past year and the things she realized during 2020. Don’t miss her strategy for developing good conversations with people in any context.

We also discuss:

  • What 2020 taught her.

  • Her journey as a business owner.

  • How to be a good story teller.

  • Sarah’s tips on how she connects with her audience and also solicits their feedback.

  • The struggles associated with not seeing her audience, and how she overcame them.

  • What happens to the portion of the audience who didn’t attend the meeting or courses.

  • The difference between a membership program and courses.

  • Two unique and helpful things Sarah gives to the members of her group. This is GOLD!

  • How to plan for yourself and for your own business.

  • What are your core values and goals for this year?

    Sarah explains that you have to be true to yourself and no matter what happens, that you need to know the universe has your back.

    It is a fact that there are no shortcuts and no magic wand in this industry to make things easier. We need to be clear on how the business works, and have insight into the processes. Finally, we must keep improving daily and never give up on our goals!

    If there’s one key takeaway I got from today’s show, it’s this:

    “How can you not take care of your body and expect to run a business?
    It’s just not going to work.”

    Sarah Walton

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