The Long Game is . . . Underlying Effects

The LONG GAME Episode 48 Underlying Effects with Sandra Scaiano

Behind every success, there’s a hidden story. Every day, we face different challenges that shape who we are today. And in everything we do, there are underlying effects. All of this is what I’ll discuss today. 

What is the impact you’re making?

The truth is, we need to undergo a lot of different processes to ultimately get what we want. But isn’t it also exciting to begin learning those processes to reach your goal? 

It takes courage to start something new, but there’s a whole world out there waiting for us to connect with it. And it’s time to start. 

Don’t miss the strategy I share for building courage in difficult situations. Whether it’s a long or a short process for you, it can also change your mindset for how you handle these situations in the future. 

I also discuss:

  • The underlying effects that I experience in my own business and how they affect my clients.

  • How building your courage can also build your confidence.

  • The importance of identifying the underlying effect of your own work.

  • The importance of living your values within your career.

  • How to figure out the underlying effect of your work. (This is important!)

  • The immediate effect of transformation.

    As you can see, building confidence and following your passion can make you stand out from the crowd. They also simply feel good. 

    Give some thought to where your underlying effect is and if it’s time to increase that. You can also check through my digital courses. My platform of choice is Kajabi, which can definitely help you, too. 

    Finally, I also want to share that we are coming up on the one-year anniversary of The Long Game Podcast! It’s all been possible because of you—so I want to thank you all. (And stay tuned—I’ll be filling you in on our anniversary celebration plan). 

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