The Long Game is… Change of Mind

The LONG GAME Episode 49 Change of Mind with Sandra Scaiano

Today’s topic is personal! After I heard two separate influencers talking about being able to change your mind in the same week, I decided to talk about that topic here. So let’s unpack changing your mind.

Decisions are data-based.

Both influencers talked about how data affects the decisions you make and how data can affect whether you change your mind or not.

Changing your mind is different from perfectionism, though. Of course, you need to make adjustments when you know something isn’t right.

But when you change your mind, you must be prepared for what comes next and how it affects those you are working with. I’ve encountered this many times with my clients.

When they change their minds, it can increase the amount of work to be done.

Realistic expectations.

As a customer realize that changing your mind will set other pieces in motion and you’ll need to address them. Otherwise, you’re dealing with just half the story.

Why? Because it’s just as important for the service provider to be compensated for their extra time when the client changes her mind. If we normalize changing your mind, then people assume it’s all part of the package.

You also need to know:

  • Why it’s dangerous to normalize changing minds as something we accept without questioning or responding

  • Why you must state your terms clearly right at the outset

  • What happened with one of my key clients when she began to ask for modifications

  • The importance of boundaries (or, “put your money where your mouth is”)

  • Also, here’s what we can do to help ourselves and our clients be more successful with changes:

  • How to spell out your terms at the outset of the project

  • How your onboarding process is a key step in your ultimate success

  • When it comes a change of mind (your clients will appreciate this one)
  • Why your pre-work game needs to be strong (some signals to watch for here!)

  • What to do with “hoppers”

  • I want to empower you to enforce boundaries around the process when clients change their minds.

    So listen to the influencers, yes, but also stand up for yourself and know that there may be extras that go along with a change of mind.

    I’ll be dropping a post about this topic on Instagram, so please hop over there to comment and let me know how you feel!

    Gary Vaynerchuk