The Long Game is… Inspiration

The LONG GAME Episode 50 Inspiration with Sandra Scaiano

Imagine inspiration on demand!

That is today’s topic. I share how and why ideas can come easily sometimes, and elusive at others.

Remember the movie 9 to 5?

I share the inspiration that Jane Fonda had to get this movie created.

Here’s what I cover:

  • Be open to disruption, making changes when inspiration hits.

  • Solitary times give your brain a moment to come up with a great idea.

  • Listen. Ideas come up when we listen with a true desire to understand.

  • Be open when the dots start to connect.

  • Implement the inspiration!

  • Inspiration doesn’t show up out of anywhere. It’s often related to something you’ve already been considering or mulling over.

    Find out what you need to have “thinking time” and have a method to track and note the great ideas when they show up.

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