Pivots and Courage

The LONG GAME Episode 51 with Sandra Scaiano Pivots and Courage with Deb Cummins Stellato

I’m always drawn to people who are out there, doing things. Today’s guest, Deb Cummins Stellato, is doing many things: life and leadership coach for women in midlife, the creator of the Pivot Project, and Host of the Think Courageously podcast. And she’s a Jersey Girl—so many great attributes! Today she talks about pivots and shares how courage has become a pillar in her life and business. I’m sure you’ll see yourself in so much of what she talks about.

We discuss:

  • How Deb got into this place of pivots and courage from a background in non-profit

  • The difference between pivots that we choose and pivots that happen to us

  • How pivots live on a continuum

  • The concept of “hitting the wall” when it comes to pivots

  • How her Pivot Project has affected women’s decisions about whether to pivot or not in their lives

  • Pivoting is often a process in life,
    not always a major change.

    Deb also talks about why it’s important to set up your own boundaries. This is a topic I’ve addressed a lot here on the podcast, too.

    The challenges of working alone at home can relate to the need for boundaries. Being clear on vision and values allows you to show up differently and can create a domino effect in your life.

    You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

    Deb also discusses her podcast, The Art of the Pivot, and how courage enters into her journey.

    She covers:

  • How her mom’s sudden death also freed up some parts of her that she had suppressed before then.

  • The way she constructed her work around the concept of courage to also include 3 foundational pieces: how women see success, courage and pivots and how those three intertwine with each other.

  • The space between wanting to be courageous and actually being courageous (you’ll want to take her quiz on this).

  • Ten characteristics of women who show up and are willing to speak courageously (creating your own rules is essential!).

  • We also went more deeply into how our communities have changed during the pandemic, the importance of gratitude, why being scrappy is a good thing, authenticity, the importance of intuition and so much more!

    We can’t know it all. Let’s take the pressure off ourselves of having to have all the answers.

    We wrap up by redefining what success means and Deb explains how she came to her current success by focusing on service to others, even within a really hard year.  She also shares her big goal for 2021.

    So remember that it’s possible.
    You do get to create success no matter what’s gone on in your life.

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