The Long Game is… Knowing Your Audience

The LONG GAME Episode 52 Knowing Your Audience with Sandra Scaiano

Knowing your audience is the ultimate GPS. It directs everything.

When you know who you are talking to, what to say to, ‘connect’ comes easier. 

We know – we know – we are relationship building and that starts with sharing your stories.

In Episode 7 – I was joined by April Pertuis, who helps women use their stories to get clear on their purpose, build their audience, and grow their brand.

April shines a light on the connection between knowing our audience and using stories in your business.

I was torn between this next guest, Tracy Otsuka’s Episode 20, talk opening this episode because her point of knowing your audience is so fundamental and literally was the pivotal point in her journey. Once she got clear on who she was speaking to, women with ADHD, Tracy was able to grow a FB community to now over 30,000 members strong. It was 13K when we recorded her episode. 

Tracy is a course creator and host of the ADHD for Smart Ass Women podcast. Getting clear on her audience meant her course content resonated more. Because the right people were hearing it and the natural effect of that is more sales, more growth, more impact.

Facebook Ads – I know you all are curious about how these work. Also, how you can apply Facebook Ads to your business. This is such a popular episode we did last year. It is worth a re-listen. 

Facebook Ads are Long Game – as Facebook Ads Consultant, Laura Ball shares with us in Episode 3, but they’ve got a gem in targeting. The ability to target allows us to reach our customers on social like no other way of advertising. Targeting works when you know your audience. You’ve got to know who your customer is to be able to reach them. That makes sense, but How do you figure it out? How do you actually get to know them better so you can target them?

Laura shares some investigative insight that we can all start employing. 

A big question we entrepreneurs wrangle with is pricing. 

How do we price our programs and our services? 

Questions to ask yourself when pricing include: 

What’s the value? What’s your level of experience? What is included (especially calculate the direct access to you)? And What results do you deliver? 

As Episode 38‘s guest Coach, Money Mentor, and Strategist, Alexandra Takeda, brings forth, that Pricing is another aspect of business where knowing your audience pays off.

This was a fun episode to create, pulling out from these excerpts allows for us to focus and absorb important concepts.

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