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Privacy Best Practices for your Website

GDPR-Facebook Live image

Hello Hello Everyone, Coming to you as we embark on the 3-day holiday weekend and here in the NorthEast we are finally feeling the sunshine. I am seriously exhaling, feeling the warmth of the sun and getting back to sitting outside with my computer a bit. I’ve been doing more Facebook Lives and less emails…

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Website Audit: My Own Website

Video Still Sandra Scaiano

With my newly redesigned website ready. It was time for me to show you all the reasons why I needed an update. Before the old site was replaced, I did a website audit on myself – pointing out what worked and what was a miss with my own website. As a web designer, I knew…

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Secure Your Website From Hackers in 3 Easy Ways

Keep Your Website Secure

I was having coffee with a friend this week, shout out to Holly G , and we got into a conversation about web security. Getting hacked is no fun – you’ve got site downtime, panic to find someone to clean it up, and are left with a feeling of invasion and why me. First, the…

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