I’ve talked about courses and memberships and now it’s time to plan yours!

Today you’ll find out how you can turn what you do, what you know, and what you love into an online course or membership content.

Creating a course and/or membership content takes work and planning, and it can be so worth it. It’s a great way to take your expertise and package it in a way that your audience gets the help or solutions they need.

Where to start?

Like lots of other content, we start with WHO. Who is your target audience or client avatar? Do you know what they need? The biggest question: what is the end result they want to get as a result of taking your course?

The next thing: where are they in the process? What stage? This will help you understand what’s necessary for your audience and what (if any) pre-requisites they need.

The Next Step

Be clear about your brand voice. Many of us are great with this in one to one situation. I want you to make sure you have clarity around the best approach with your brand voice for the digital experience.

I go into detail in Episode 4 about your brand voice. Check it out if this is new to you, or if you need a refresher.

When you get this right, everything else falls into place.

What structure will work for you?

Courses are usually done in a logical outline process. Take your main topic and think about the specific steps. How does the message you want to share work best?

Other things to think about:

  • How can you use the tools on your platform to enhance the experience?

  • Will you use audio, video, a workbook?

  • What additional resources can you share?
  • How memberships are different.

    The primary difference is that you want to provide resources understanding that the membership is on-going. I’ll be doing an entire episode on membership content and how it differs from courses.

    Tips to help you get started:

  • Check out with others are doing. Have you taken a digital course? What was your motivation for buying it?

  • Look at what other industries are doing. I cover more ideas around this in Episode 28.

  • Be an active participant. This is still a newer industry and things are changing.
  • The hard part that you might not expect.

    Find a place to stop! You’re the expert and you can probably teach 30 modules worth of information, but is that right for your potential customer/member?

    Get the 7 steps for successful course planning and get started!

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