Choosing the Right Online Course Platform

THE LONG GAME Episode 35 Choosing the Right Online Course Platform with Sandra Scaiano

This may be the most asked question I see in online communities. There are so many options and in today’s podcast I break down what I’ve seen work and not work with my clients.

There are 2 key ways to set up a course.

One way is by adding and LMS (learning management system) to your current website. This will give you extra functionality for courses and memberships. There are 3 that are most common.

The other option is to use a platform that’s specific to courses and memberships. It’s the key component and has functionality built-in. You know I love Kajabi for this and I’ve got a couple of others I’ve used as well.

Here are the key things to think about when making a platform decision:

  • Ease of use based on your tech skills

  • Where are you in your business

  • Budget – always a concern

  • My recommendation?

    Use the right tool for the right application and it will be less hassle and save you time and money.

    Pros and Cons of Membership Options

    I break down issues like support (there’s a huge difference here) and ease of use which also varies greatly.

    Customization options are great, except when they aren’t. How much customization do you need and how will you manage on-going changes? Sharing my experience on how this can work for you and the one thing to watch out for.  

    Cost is always a factor. Some services are all-inclusive (I’m a fan) and some require add-ons. Therefore you should know which one is best for you long term.

    Yes, I’m a Kajabi fan.

    I’ve worked with all of these and Kajabi continues to be my favorite. Listen for the options that they provide and how easily they all work together – an overlooked factor at times.

    Basics like course management with a paywall are similar. All the providers offer video, audio, and pdf support for your course members.

    Get the scoop on Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi. I’m breaking down:

  • Courses and memberships. What’s best when you want to do both?

  • Design options – this varies a lot depending on the platform.

  • Design options – this varies a lot depending on the platform.

  • Free course strategy with upgrades – which platform makes this easy?

  • Email marketing and funnels.

  • What about landing pages?

  • What’s integrated and what do you have to “add on”?

  • Courses and memberships are incredible revenue options. If you have the expertise to share that will be helpful for your audience, this is one of the best ways to generate revenue and expand your reach.

    Courses and memberships can also bring new clients into your 1:1 as well as high-value offers. I want you to launch your own and check out the details in this episode in order for you to make the best platform choice for your program.

    Link from Today’s Episode:

    Kajabi vs. Teachable Post