Creating The Ultimate Online Course Experience


You know what you have mastered. You know the work you do better than anyone. And you’re ready to teach it to the world! With so many pieces to create and focus on, it can be overwhelming. Today I am sharing one idea, that if you embody it, will help you create an amazing online course.

Let’s talk about courses and memberships as experiences.

There are two experiences to consider:

  • The Student or Member Experience – we create an experience for them

  • The Business Owner / Team Experience – how we build our foundation creates an experience for us as business owners

  • “Experiences in the way I’m talking about mean that things have been thought out, guests are taken care of, and members are put in the best position to absorb the knowledge that you are dishing out.”

    The Student or Member Experience

    This experience begins at purchase – and even before then. This means mapping out a proper entry sequence and being aware of the student or member’s first impression.

    TIP #1 Plan the next steps after they enter your digital product thoughtfully – How you do this sets the tone!

    4 things to know about creating the Inside Course experience:

    1. Make amazing content, start selling, and then go back and refine your creation.

    2. Roadmap the customer path, think about how people will navigate your content and what you want them to do next.

    3. Know where and how people ask questions and get support.

    4. Create human touchpoints, they support success – experiences are related to emotion. Emotion is the ultimate experience.

    TIP #2 Leave the comment section of the online course open. This section gets overlooked because of Facebook groups and other such communities. With Comments, people can share and engage in the content together and ask questions – at the moment.

    The Business Owner / Team Experience

    When you enjoy what you do, you can continue doing it long-term. The experience you create for yourself and your team determines how well you enjoy a creative living. Make this an experience worth pursuing. Embrace working joyfully every day by using automation and creating systems to support you.

  • View automation as your digital virtual assistant – lean on your tech!

  • Having systems creates a better experience for you and your team – systems get you to your goals!

  • “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.”

    James Clear

    TIP #3: Start hanging out with other course and membership creators

    I mentioned a couple of possible 5 day-challenges I would like to host for you. Let me know if you would be interested in either one or if you have any other ideas:

  • Mapping out the entry process

  • Automation process

  • **Interested in private small strategy group: Coming Nov. 1st

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