Why You Should Be Creating Branded Content Now!


The stress that comes along with social media includes creating videos, putting yourself out there consistently and getting over the negative voices screaming that this is horrible. Not many of us are enthusiastic about creating, posting and scheduling content. It’s all super frustrating, but what if I told you social media isn’t the only way to get brand visibility.

In this episode, we’re talking about all the reasons why you should be making branded content now. 

“Remember that social media is made to serve the social media companies, not us.” -Sandra Scaiano

Social media platforms can eat into your time and resources very easily. Though they are useful, they should not be the only things you rely on to build your brand and your business.

Key ideas in this episode

  • Several types of long form branded content you can start creating

  • Creating custom content, SEO and website optimization is key

  • How pillar content makes everything so much easier

  • “You can completely be yourself in the content that you house on your website.” -Sandra Scaiano

    Creating branded content that lives on your website has so many benefits. I explain 4 reasons pillar content is so important to growing and scaling your business. Because being in control of your message and building relationships with your audience drives that growth.