Case Study: How She Reached 7-Figures With Her Course & Membership


Reaching 7-figures is the dream of many entrepreneurs and yet not many ever hit that goal. I want to open the door for you to see exactly how I helped one of my clients pivot from a brick-and-mortar idea to an online fully digital course that hit 7 figures in 3 years.

The Real Deal with Gladys DiTroia is an online weight loss program. It has changed the lives of thousands of women already. When I first started working with Gladys, she was in the same position many of you are in right now. Does working 7 days a week, maxed out at the number of clients you can help, struggling to get away from the one-to-one model of a coaching business, and burning out sound familiar?

“Create repeatable processes that allow room for comfort and a greater capacity to add new ideas.” -Gladys DiTroia

In this episode, you’ll get a better picture of what it means to scale. The amount of time and effort it requires to grow a 7-figure digital business will also be discussed.

Noteworthy ideas you don’t want to miss

  • Having systems in place is a must for you to scale your business to 7-figures

  • Building a community for your brand and the courses you offer is a win-win

  • Bringing your true self into your business gives you a unique edge no one else has

  • Listening to your community will help you develop next steps in your business

  • As I’ve had multiple launches in progress simultaneously for different clients, there are tools that I’ve learned to use. The tools allowed me to stay on top of the launch process without blowing the timeline. With the number of moving parts going on for a launch, you have to have systems in place to be successful and maintain your sanity.

    “You cannot handle scale without systems, and without understanding what your process is and what your goal is as well.” -Sandra Scaiano

    Gladys helps women develop a lifestyle that allows them to lose weight. Also, keep the weight off, and she does it without fad diets. In her business, Gladys shares that “the fastest way to lose weight is slowly.” In generating 7-figures in sales the same rules apply. Systems are key to scaling any business. In this conversation, you can hear how when developing Gladys’ business each layer of success built on the previous and it was all by way of the systems we created and put in place. Great systems allow you to train others easily and scale to 7 figures and beyond.

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