Launch Organization and Rhythm


The stress of running a successful launch for your brand can take a lot out of you, even when success means life changing growth of your business. The way not to do it: build a system for your launch from scratch every time. In today’s episode, I’m taking you through the high-level view of what it looks like to create a rhythm in promoting and launching your business that’s successful and repeatable.

The details required for launching, the timelines, and moving parts can be really overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to feel out of control once you know the tweaks and tricks I’m sharing today.

Create repeatable processes that allow room for comfort and greater capacity to add new ideas.

In this episode, we’re looking at how to create a rhythm in promoting and launching. It’s a success and easier every time.

Key ideas in this episode

  • Two phases of the launch process you must tackle separately

  • Tools that can make or break your launch planning and executing

  • Post launch work to setup for your next launch

  • As I’ve had multiple launches in progress simultaneously for different clients, there are tools that I’ve learned to use that allow me to stay on top of the launch process without blowing the timeline. With the number of moving parts going on for it, you have to have systems in place to be successful and maintain your sanity.

    You can repeat what you track because you can remember it and refer to it.
    This is what gets you into a rhythm.

    When you’re launching something like a course, you have to plan months out to know all the points along the way pre-launch phase, what promotions are running, and everything leading up to the opening and start of the course. This episode will give you the ah-ha moment you need to get the full picture of your next launch.