What To Do in 2022


Happy New Year!

I’m optimistic for the year ahead. Last year I really discovered things about myself. I stepped into new things and made some changes that have been good for me.

Guess what my word for the year is? VISIBILITY!

Yep, I’m here to keep showing up, long game style of course.

Today I’m sharing my take on what’s ahead in 2022 and some ideas that you can use as you plan your goals.

What’s going to be important and what are we going to commit to?

Those questions are going to help you much more than a list of trends. No surprise, the 3 I’m sharing are all long game strategies!

“There is a cost to keeping your old way of thinking.”

Strategy 1 – Go Digital

If you have been thinking about having a course or program online, this is the time. Hear the 3 things that digital products can do for you. It’s so powerful, and it’s not too late!

“When you do you, joy enters.”

Strategy 2 – You Do You

Bring yourself to the party in 2022. This is SO long game. It’s the best way to run your business. Your way. Hear the 4 questions that will help you identify where you can personalize and do things in your own style.

Here’s what I know for sure. You will be more successful, and you’ll be happier too! I’m giving you permission to do what you want to do, how you want to do it!

“You didn’t get into this for it to suck.”

Strategy 3 – Testing, testing, testing.

This concept has stayed with me since my Facebook ad days. No one knows the answer that will work every time. There is no magic pill or formula. You will always need to test for your audience to see what works.

Hear 3 ways you can try new things, as part of your testing process.

Tell me what’s on your agenda for 2022.

What are you dedicated to doing your way?

Reach out and let me know and if I can help, let’s have a chat!