Content Creation with Jen Liddy


One of the things I talked about in last week’s episode was you do you.

Well, today I’m talking to Jen Liddy, a content creation specialist. She helps people create content in a way that’s easy and sustainable.

We know creating content is important. And still, many of us struggle. Jen starts by explaining the 2 camps of people who struggle with content. I promise you’ll see yourself in one of them!

Next, how do we put the content out there? Creating is one thing, but how can we share it with people who are looking for the info? Jen covers that too!

People will fall in love with you when you show up as yourself.

Jen shares how with her 5 Steps to Batch and Repurpose Content Planning System. Here are the highlights:

  • Identify what you have going on in your business that you want to promote. Reverse engineer what you need your content to do. Jen explains how to do this in a way that’s super simple.

  • Where do you want to be? What platform feels good to you? What would feel expansive to eliminate? Less really can be more!

  • What are you going to say? Jen explains her umbrella plan. This is a manageable way to plan your content for the month. Don’t worry, you will love how easy she makes it.

  • Put the time to create your content on your calendar. Co-work with a friend or find another way to find accountability if you need to. Hear her 3 tips to make this easier.

  • Repurpose it. Reminder, your people will not mind seeing some of the same info more than once. In fact, sharing it in more than one way will help it click for them. Jen gives great examples here to get your started.
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