Turn your Course from Transactional to Transformational with Lesley Clavijo!


In this episode of the Long Game, we dive deep into the world of online courses and memberships. If you’re a course developer, you’ve likely asked “How can I make my course better?” We all want to produce content and materials that are effective and transformational. We want to provide value and help people, and this episode will give you insight on how to do just that.

“We want to make a bigger impact because of course, we want to help as many people as we can.”
Lesley Clavijo

We’re joined by Lesley Clavijo, an instructional designer who believes that teaching is more than just the transformation of information, it’s about the entire learner’s experience. She helps course creators elevate their programs so that their students get results so good that they can’t help but tell everyone about their results.

Three points discussed in this episode are:

  • What makes a course successful

  • Features in courses that improve the learning experience

  • Marketing inside your course

  • Lesley introduces us to her recipe for transformational courses, the “Premium Program Pie.”

    This pie has six essential ingredients: intentional, interactive, inclusive, intuitive, inspirational, and infinite. By incorporating these elements, your course can go beyond just being transactional. Having these ingredients will deliver better results, create more impact, and be transformative.

    “Your course is never done. You’re going to continuously improve your course over time.”
    Lesley Clavijo

    Ready to transform your course into an unforgettable journey of growth and learning? Listen to the full episode to start your transformational journey today.

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